Celebrate SFD on Saturday 16 September 2023


Raise awareness about SFD by displaying our countdown:

Celebrate SFD with us on September 16, 2023!


The code to use (in English) will look like this:

For those who already want to add the countdown on their page/blog/website the code is the same as last year and has the same support for time zones. So if for example you're living in Paris (GMT+2/UTC+2 that would be) then the code to add is:


If you would like to translate to a new language:

  • All the instructions are available on the wiki at this page.
  • The svg file in English is in the making and has changed this year, and definitely the design can be different.


Should you want to run the script from your website and customize it to your liking:

You can find the source code here and you'll need to add a cron job to run it every 15 minutes if you want to support all time zones. Else every day at 1am is probably fine. Full support available from our mailing list!


Current values for languages are:

Pending values are:

Other languages may come in the future, feel free to help out and do the languages we do not speak or/and write. Thank you.


Time zones values are:

Happy Software Freedom Day!