Celebrate SFD 2015 on Saturday, September 19th
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Software Freedom Day is everywhere! SFD is a yearly celebration for Software Freedom! Every year there are thousands teams organizing Software Freedom Day in different countries and cities.

Check the map to find out the SFD event(s) around your area.

What is Software Freedom Day? Software Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Our goal in this celebration is to educate the worldwide public about the benefits of using high quality FOSS in education, in government, at home, and in business -- in short, everywhere!
It's FUN to organize Software Freedom Day Organizing SFD event can be a lot of fun! In this site and its wiki, you will find a lot of guidelines and resources that can probably help you to set up your team and organize a Software Freedom Day event.

Happy Software Freedom Day!

SFD Countdown Ready!

The SFD countdown is ready for usage in English. We are therefore informing translators and also people willing to add a new language that translation can start right now. All the instructions are available on the wiki at this page.

For those who already want to add the countdown on their page/blog/website the code is almost the same as last year and has the same support for time zones. Should you want to run the script from your website and customize it to your liking you can find the source code here and you'll need to add a cron job to run it every 15 minutes if you want to support all time zones. Else every day at 1am is probably fine. Full support available from our mailing list!

Help Us Promote SFD!

2015 Software Freedom Day is approaching and will be celebrated on 19th September (Saturday) this year, let's tell people about it!

Simply use one of the beautiful banners we've made if you are organizing, participating, attending or speaking at a SFD event by placing it on your website / webpage / blog and link it back to your SFD event page or http://www.softwarefreedomday.org.

Join us to celebrate Software Freedom Day and Spread the words of Software Freedom to every corner of the world!


Is there a SFD event nearby?

Software Freedom Day is an event with hundreds of teams from all around the world running local events to help their communities understand Software Freedom. One way of joining SFD is to join an existing SFD event. Check to see if there is already a team registered in your area. If there is one, you can always join them and help them to make their events successful. It's FUN to join SFD!

Helps are always in need to organize SFD :) you can help to design marketing materials, spread the words out, decorate the venue, take photos, demonstrate or present about Free Software in the event, etc. Feel free to check out the team map to find the SFD team in your local area!

SFD StartGuide can definitely help you out!

If you want to form a team and run an event, simply check out the SFD StartGuide (contributed by SFD team leaders), start pulling your team together and planning today! Perhaps there was an event in your area in previous years, you can definitely contact them and ask them to help!

All teams simply register online to be part of Software Freedom Day. Get your team leader to create your team page and then register the team. Make sure you update your SFD team wiki page so people can find you. If you have any problem of creating a team or organizing a SFD event, please feel free to join our IRC channel: #sfd-on-freenode or our mailing list at sfd-discuss (at) sf-day.org.


Why don't you get your local school or college talking about Free Software this Software Freedom Day! Giving a talk to students, teaching a class, providing demonstrations of Free Software, showing films about Free Software, and handing out Free Software CDs are all great ways of engaging young people.

Free Software is a major part of most workplaces and provides the core of the world's most popular websites. Young people are greatly affected by the software that they use, and SFD is a great way to reach them. Contact your local educational establishment and ask them about paying a visit. Since SFD falls on a Saturday, try to make an appointment for a day either side of the weekend.

How did SFD begin?

Software Freedom Day (SFD) was initiated by a group of FOSS believers, Matt Oquist, Henrik Omma and Phil Harper with the idea of distributing The OpenCD to everyone.

The idea of SFD is for everyone without a vested interest in proprietary software to unite and educate the world about the ideals of Software Freedom and the practical benefits of Free Software. August 28th, 2004, was the first ever Software Freedom Day.

IRC Channel: #sfd @freenode

You want to share your ideas or experiences with other SFD teams? Welcome to join our Web IRC Chat and mailing lists here !

Who is DFF?

Digital Freedom Foundation is run by a Board of Directors who meet regularly with an IRC conference to discuss various topics pertaining to regular activities of DFF, SFD and CFD.

How do you know about SFD?

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Digital Freedom International (Aka SFI) is the non-profit organization at the origin of SFD and CFD. DFI handles sponsorship contracts, official team registrations, sending out schwags to teams, the annual Best Event Competition and many other things. Hundreds of teams around the world manage the local celebration and help to send out a global message. So do drop by and attend an SFD and CFD event nearby!

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