Celebrate SFD 2015 on Saturday, September 19th
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Registered events for Software Freedom Day 2015

Click on the plus for selection icon located in upper right corner of the map in order to switch between OpenStreetMap (Free Software) and Google Maps (proprietary code and graphics).

Cambodia"SFD Phnom Penh"Frederic Muller
Iran"RafsanjanLUG"Farhad Baghery
Brazil"Curitiba Livre"Daniel Lenharo
Germany"Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage-Team"Maren Hachmann
Canada"FACIL"Mathieu Gauthier-Pilote
Colombia"SFDBogota"Luis Cano
China"Xiyou Linux Group"linhan Li
Spain"Caliu"Rafael Carreras
Bangladesh"FOSS Bangladesh"Shazedur Rahim Joardar
Spain"La Konfraria de la Vila del Pingüí de la Palma"Albert Fisas
Philippines"Pangasinan Linux Users Group Circa 1999"ma victor escano
India"SFD, Dibrugarh,Assam"DEEP JYOTI CHANGMAI
Cameroun"SFD Douala team"Samuel Victor IYABI
France"NUI.fr"Jimmy Pierre
India"PULUG"Mohit Goyal
Philippines"USMSFD"Eugene Ranjo
Philippines"DOMT.Cs"Krisanta Bea
Nepal"FOSS Chitwan Community"Arun Pyasi
SouthAfrica"Pretoria"Karl Fischer
México"openSUSE Team"Aaron Luna
Brazil"APISoL"Lucas M.A.C.
Brazil"Software Freedom Day DF 2015"Nathaniel Simch de Morais
Nicaragua"SFD Nicaragua"Leandro Gomez
Canada"LibrePlanet Ontario"Bob Jonkman
México"Gultij"Octavio Alvarez

Who's Online

We have no idea about who's online on this page... ;-)
Digital Freedom Foundation (DFF) is the non-profit organization at the origin of SFD. DFF handles sponsorship contracts, official team registrations, sending out schwags to teams, the annual Best SFD Event Competition and many other things. Hundreds of teams around the world manage the local celebration and help to send out a global message. So do drop by and attend an SFD event nearby!

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