Celebrate SFD on Saturday 16 September 2023


If you would like to help to localize the SFD website and wiki pages into your languages, there are a few pages we would suggest you to start with. We would consider firstly translate:

Then you have the Country, City and Team pages. There are actually templates to translate and our structure is like this.

Let's take Country as an example:

  • You look at wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/CountryEnTemplate , we also take it that the language code is ee.
  • So you need to create a new page template called CountryEeTemplate at the root of the wiki where you will add the translated content of CountryEnTemplate.
  • Same goes for CityEeTemplate and TeamEeTemplate.
  • And finally you go also translate the Countdown into Ewe.

For that we have the documentation available at the countdown wiki page.

You will need to be a little familiar with Inkscape and upload the final PNG to the Countdown page together with the modified svg file.

So based on your availability you can do just what you have time to do.

Should you need specific help, please email to our mailing list.

Thank you very much for your help.