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SFD 2007 Competition

The 2007 Software Freedom Day competition was largely based around the best Software Freedom Day events from around the world! Teams had to prepare and submit an entry and in 2007 we received some amazing submissions. Below are both the top 3 winners as well as some highly commended entries.

All these entries represent incredible efforts to take Software Freedom to the general public and the Software Freedom International board thanks all participants for their efforts. Thank you! You do your countries, and our community proud!

Many thanks also to the sponsors of our 3 One Laptop Per Child computers, Google and OLPC, which will be sent to the 3 winners. All winners and highly commended participants will receive certificates.

SFD 2007 Competition Winners

In no particular order, the following entries demonstrated diverse participation, excellent media coverage, photos, weblinks, videos and other recording of the event. They also were particularly innovative, successful, and a great example of what Software Freedom Day is all about. Congratulations to our SFD 2007 competition winners!

FOSS Nepal Community

An incredible event including distribution of FOSS, social events, talks, college visits (to educate the educators and students about software freedom) and even a Software Freedom vigil! They had great press coverage, government representation, a video on display about their activities, demonstrations, sponsorship and a fantastic written report to chronicle the success of their event. Over 850 people attended with an organising team of 70. Well done to the FOSS Nepal team!

Find the online report here

SFD Nicaragua 2007 Team

This was a first time event for the SFD Nicaragua Team, and they pulled off an incredible event with only one and a half months planning! They had great press coverage, including TV and radio interviews, blog coverage, four pre-SFD events, flyers and more! The schedule was packed with speakers (including speakers as young as 12), video, great FOSS demonstrations, and an installfest. The event really involved people of all ages. Over 500 people attended the event, and the attendance was very broad. The event grew support for and interest in the local FOSS groups, and gained attention from schools that could use FOSS to help their students. An amazing job SFD Nicaragua! Especially given it is your first event!

Find their team here

Beijing Software Freedom Day (China)

The Beijing Software Freedom Day was an enormous affair, with over 700 people attending, 15 exhibitors, 10 speakers (some international) and a huge interested generated in software freedom as a result. The event included speakers, demonstrations, prizes, a great video, press coverage and more. It showcased not only great FOSS software generally, but also thriving local projects and people. It grew awareness and support of the local FOSS group, and also grew awareness in the higher education and business communities, both important to FOSS growth and uptake. A great job by the team and congratulations!

Find the online report linked here

Highly Commended Entries

The entries below were all highly commended for many different reasons. Some were highly locally relevant to their communities, some were quite innovative, all were worth while granting the status of Highly Commended and publishing for the broader community to enjoy and celebrate! Congratulations to you all and again many thanks for your efforts!

Additional Entries of Note


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